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Explanation common processing techniques hotel furniture of oil pollution
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Explanation common processing techniques hotel furniture of oil pollution


We often stay in a hotel is pay attention to the inside of the environment, facilities and furniture. Under the senior suites hotel furniture is Paramount, teach everyone how to cleaning and maintenance:


Everyone doesn't want your instinct for your furniture, sometimes you want to let your furniture is better and more beautiful, but tend to do bad things. Did you wipe the table with a cloth to wipe furniture? This is wrong. Furniture besmirch composed of fiber, silicon sand and soil, the habit of a lot of people with dry dishcloth cleanness wipes furniture surface. But we just said those particles is solid, they will be back and forth friction, will damage furniture paint. Although these scratch very little, even naked eye cannot see, but constant dropping wears away a stone, furniture surface over time will be very dark, far less bright than before.


Do you often use dishwashing detergent to clean the furniture? Detergent, detergent, and other products not only can effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the furniture, also can't remove the dust particles in front of the polishing, and because they have certain aggressive, so for old furniture is very dangerous. If water molecules penetrate the wood at the same time, can also lead to mold or local deformation lumber, shorten service life. A lot of furniture are using machines called fiberboard pressed into, once the furniture in to water the consequence is very serious. Perhaps because of a few years ago the additives such as formaldehyde has not been finished completely evaporate also won't have anything too big. But once the above additives volatilization, the wet cloth moisture will cause the furniture mould. If happens to the lower floor tenants, furniture can mould when it rains every year. Well, if so, furniture is in your hands not only not work and will greatly reduce the life, must keep in mind the above knowledge!