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Talk to build green hotel furniture
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Talk to build green hotel furniture


For a long time, we are all in the advocacy of "green", both decoration, industry or food industry, such as demand for environmental protection is the most direct, especially in the hotel furniture industry. We hope that environmental protection is not just a slogan, should be truly from set out actually, shape and environmentally friendly hotel furniture, let consumers buy the rest assured, with enjoyable.


Aesthetically pleasing the hotel furniture is brightens the line of sight of people, bring good mood, but focusing on the appearance at the same time, we also nots allow to ignore to the neri, some quality closes nevertheless, environmental protection substandard furniture can only bring harm to our physical and mental health. Regardless of this kind of furniture styles, colors and prices, we specialized in environmental protection problems to do a purchasing guide, hope to give you a green and healthy living environment.


In recent years, the high pollution rate, hotel furniture association of Chinese interior decoration environmental testing center points out: at present our country hotel furniture industry without strict control of toxic substances environmental protection norms, some board, veneer, with glue and paint improper selection is bound to cause the release of toxic substances, these harmful material are mainly the free formaldehyde, comes from man-made board of toxic solvents, adhesives and paint coatings, such as temporary effects on the human body can produce adverse reactions. Still, don't get paid attention to by the people, that become the main pollution sources of the bedroom, has a serious threat to people's health.


Adhesive benzene pollution also nots allow to ignore, synthesis of adhesive of ambient air pollution is more serious. Some manufacturer in particular, some more upscale hotel furniture paint, painting in raw lacquer coating, urushiol is contained in the raw lacquer, urushiol of corrosion and poison to human skin, let cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions.


Thus, eliminate formaldehyde adhesive pollution is a very serious problem, in order to make the broad consumer health guaranteed, must control the concentration of toxic gases within the specification.