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How to choose and buy hotel furniture sofa?
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When we in hotel furniture sofa of choose and buy, not only in single considering the beautiful sex of luxury, but a combination of factors, do it from the perspective of customers to think, as consumers, the environment is what kind of hotel furniture fits their needs?




1. The whole style. The choice of hotel furniture sofa to adapt to its environment, to the adornment style of the hall and other furniture. The fabrics of sofa, design, color often has dictate effect to bedroom style, so the ideal move is first sofa of choose and buy, buy other furniture again.




2. According to the room layout. Hall for the big sofa, tea table, tall green plant will be more comfortable with style; Small private room appropriate USES the sofa of small size, make the room does not appear crowded, have store of small optional choose takes the sofa of object space type, receive a space so much, take put article also convenient. If buy cloth art sofa, can follow the change of seasons change slipcover, often change chang xin.




3. The comfort. Hotel furniture is the place that make people relax, sofa seat with comfortable give priority to, sit face and back of a chair should be accord with human body engineering, in order to suit the curved surface of structure of human body physiology had better. If room area is lesser, can consider no armrest sofa.




4) vary from person to person. When the choose and buy should also take into account the durability and safety, avoid sharp prominent edges, color is given priority to with lively and lively. For the elderly, the height of sofa sits below wants moderate, if too low, and sit is not convenient; And for young people in the back of a chair shorter will feel more comfortable. According to different consumer groups, the sofa size is not the same. Of course we gave their requirements when the choose and buy, manufacturers will also give reasonable Suggestions.